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Ross Gaehring
Three Hills AB T0M 2A0

Local Author's First Novel Released by Publisher

      Three Hills AB (March 14, 2014)-Ross Gaehring has a passion for writing and a vision for what he believes is a truly transformational work of fiction. A self-confessed Bible prophecy, history and pop culture buff, the dream of turning his first novel Optimus 4 into a bestseller has been a goal since he was a teenager. He has recently taken the first step to making that goal a reality with the release of his novel by a US based publisher.

      Gaehring describes his ground-breaking 70,000-word first novel, Optimus 4, as a compelling and gritty science fiction tale set against the backdrop of the Great Tribulation a la the wildly successful Left Behind series.

      He notes that Christian themed prophecy novels and science fiction/fantasy series have both been extremely popular.

      "Optimus 4 succeeds in combining the most gripping elements of these two genres into the first hip, edgy and adult oriented sci-fi novel with a protagonist of uncompromising Christian Faith. Have you ever imagined what would happen if Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas and Billy Graham collaborated to write a novel? Imagine no longer! Just read Optimus 4."

      Filled with wild, advanced science such as holographic displays, mind interfacing with the Supernet and a psychic controlled hyper drive powered starship that utilizes reverse engineered alien technology; Optimus 4 is fast paced, leading up to the final climactic battle in space. The novel even has a romantic sub plot along with a healthy dose of pop culture.

      Although the novel has a strong faith based element, Gaehring wouldn't exactly call Optimus 4 a traditional Christian novel. "My book may offend some people. It's a very gritty sci-fi novel that also just happens to have some solid Evangelical Christian content. I hope that facet has a positive impact on people who perhaps have never heard a Christian message but I also think the novel is an entertaining, fast paced good read. I really believe Optimus 4 would make a great movie and who knows, may even become a cult classic."

      Gaehring plans to follow up on the success of his first novel with a sequel. Optimus 4 is currently available in eBook format and also available in paperback. Optimus 4

      Ross Gaehring was born and raised in Fort St. John, British Columbia. He has enjoyed an exciting career, being employed in executive positions ranging from clinical lead in a healthcare setting to his current role of chief administrative officer for a housing corporation. Mr. Gaehring is married to his beautiful wife Susan, has four adult children and presently resides in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

He is available for comment at ross.gaehring@gmail.com

Follow him on Twitter @RossGGaehring

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